• Summer and after

    Apologies for the lack of blogging.

    The album is coming along nicely. I now have 18 songs which I am paring down to their absolute basics. I'm unsure whether to make this a purely acoustic album or to incorporate strings (courtesy of the brother). Methinks the latter is the best option. Songs about death, love and nature are tough to make decisions on. No gimmicks on this one. It's going to be truthful, honest and more than faintly bizarre. I have a song called Epic that I wrote watching a film, two pieces about a waterfall tied together by the simple tuning of the guitar, one about an extremely moving and hilarious wake I attended, another that attempts to capture 5 years in London on a Saturday morning, a piece which is ridiculously complex that I wrote on the beach in Fahamore in West Kerry called Heavenward and the unrecorded Soon to be forgotten, The Cherry Tree and Fragments. Over a decade of songs that should have been recorded and released years ago. Guess I wasn't ready.

    Ian King and myself are going to do the unthinkable and record an entire album at the beginning of June in a single session. He has moved from East Finchley in London to a Tuscan farmhouse. Life has changed for him immeasurably and we are hoping to tap into it.

    I'm also launching my friend Derek O'Gorman's new album in June. Heading off to the South of France to perform and add new ideas to the mix. He's a gifted songwriter and has chosen this wonderful country as his temporary home. Looks like it's going to be a very busy summer.

    Can't wait.