• Tyrone Guthrie Center 2

    Just getting around to posting the blog below. I spent days in the center in the last week of May and haven't had a chance to draw a breath since.

    In true pessimistic Irish fashion I packed my heavy walking boots and a huge overcoat and headed north to the Tyron Guthrie Center to spend 8 days preparing for the recording session in Italy with Ian King at the beginning of June. The sun didn't stop shining for the entire stay. I am now of the opinion that the fate for the Irish is to be forever inconvencienced by the weather.

    The purpose of the visit is to produce a number of simple arrangements of traditional songs and I have picked a couple from my past that have particular relevance for me. I've also been messing around with a very contemporary version of Moore's Last Rose of Summer. There have been some extremely early mornings and I found a frog in my sitting room last night at around 4am. When I asked the staff why there was a frog in my house they asked me completely straight faced whether I had found the other frog.

    I have also been doing a load of very early morning filming and some of the results are breathtakingly beautiful. Ireland really is a lovely place.

    Mostly I have been recording in the Dance Studio which has a huge acoustic but is isolated from the rest of the house and is truly a beautiful place to work. I've decided to submit an almost entirely instrumental version of Nil s'en la, The Last Rose and a new version of Buachaill on Eirne to the melting pot of the album. We've already settled on a souped up slightly mad version of Fionnghuala and a couple of my own tracks still to be decided. looking forward to Italy big time. Apart from the exotic idea of recording in a working vineyard it's going to be great to see Ian again.

    I'll leave you with dusk in the Tyrone Guthrie Center. You can't see the swallows darting around or hear the owls but they're there.