• Cityscapes at The National Concert Hall October 19th 2012

    I guess that I am forced to write a blog to explain myself. The concert on the 19th will refer directly to the new works I'm putting on the album. At the moment it's not heavily structured and a lot of what I'm doing is very experimental.

    So this project is an attempt to tie pieces of music together in a single theme, less along the lines of Miles and Bitches Brew and more Spinal Tap Jazz Odyssey [no there won't be a puppet show beforehand].

    In all seriousness I'm trying to create vignettes of various aspects of my life in the past and the present. Much of the best times were spent living in London in the 80's and many of the images I'm working on come from that time - my first foray away from home. Dublin is also a great place to live in and features heavily with a few references to the the USA. Currently I'm working on a nine minute opening piece.
    There will of course be some of the older songs as well as favourites of mine.

    So please come along. You can buy tickets [only a tenner] on the National Concert Hall website. Here is a direct link. However you will also be able to get them there on the day - though it'll be risky considering the massive audiences I normally get.