• Tyrone Guthrie Center 3

    Yet again apologies for the length of time between this and my last blog. No profundity this time. Just some updates.

    I'm currently in Annamakerrig at the Tyrone Guthrie Center again. Having been forced to do new material for the first time in nearly a decade by my friends at the National Concert Hall [see previous blog] last year, I've finally thrown myself into finishing the album.

    The process is much longer than I had anticipated. There are dozens of songs in the form of multiple versions. For instance I've just re-worked "Soon to be Forgotten" which actually appears on an album in a different form, and now the words, structure and melody are altered. The same goes for most of the new pieces. There have been various incarnations of each but none seemed to work properly because initially my aim was to do a full concept album. I wanted to tie the album into an entire performable piece as well as a full length video. I've decided to stick to this but keeping hold of the concept while the songs atempt to break off into different directions is proving very difficult.

    Once the recordings are complete I have a couple of friends to play them for and the possibility of new pieces to link into them. It's all very complex to explain but incredibly clear in my head.
    The next stage is probably a Fundit campaign. My friend Julie Feeney did it and raised a staggering €23,000 to record, master and manufacture her last album. I don't need anything close to that but I would like to offer friends and fans the opportunity to take part in the production of the new work. If I decide to go this way I'll post stuff up on Facebook and on the Anúna networks. The great thing about it is that you get your name on the album somewhere. It might sound silly but mine is on Julie's and it felt great to be part of something artistic that I had helped realise in my own way.

    It's only wonderful to have made this much progress in 2013 and I'm really happy with most of what's done already [and I haven't even touched the ones I played in the NCH last year]. One more day here and I'll be ready for the next phase - vocals and a few honest words with some very important people.

    ...and the sun came out for four hours today. You couldn't ask for more really.