• Roney

    I'm back in Roney Beach in Co.Wexford again after nearly 2 years. It was here that I did most of my recordings last time. This was pretty miraculous mainly because I came down for a week in October 2012 with all of my equipment except for the microphone. I've been working off iPhone recordings since then.
    The house has been given to me by a great and very generous friend. It's a very simple process. I do everything on an iPad mini [this is like an ad for Apple], using an Apogee mic and nothing else. It's a simple editing process. Reverb or no reverb? It's really quick and efficient and when you're recording on the hoof it's much faster than any other process I've ever worked on.

    The house is settled at the end of a beautiful private development right on Roney Beach. It's incredibly quiet except for the wind and the rain. Last week we all thought that it was Summer, as the Irish tend to do. However we were soon put in our place. Today it rained. The sun came out for just long enough that everyone believed it had cleared up, then poured more misery on us.

    So here I am on what is effectively phase one. This could take quite a while. the next phase is the bit where I am happy with the structure and I record to play to others. Not sure about the final phase yet. I'm sorely tempted to get one of those tiny Norwegian cabins in July and bring an engineer to record the whole lot in the wildness of that wonderful country. If not then a much more controlled environment.
    Here in the wildness where I can hear the sea getting bigger and bigger outside it's comforting to know that I'm not alone. Now if I can figure out a way to stop the letterbox constantly rattling and scaring the bejesus out of me I'll be set...