Delighted to announce my first performance in several years. The Boyle Arts Festival have invited me to perform in July. All I know at the moment is that the performance is at the early time of 6.30pm. News to follow.


Recently “If all she has is you” was recorded by Canadian synthpop duo Electric Youth on their debut album “Innerworld”, produced by Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode/Erasure/Yazoo).

“A cover of Irish tunesmith John McGlynn’s waltz “If All She Has Is You” further triggers unexpected chills. An enchanting, theatrical soliloquy, sparse with just vocal and elegiac Vangelis keys, “She waited in vain / A figure in black.” A spectral and curiously forlorn aside. Its oddly unsettling “Mmm mmm” fade all but wraps a macabre black bow around a minor key Greek tragedy.” - POPMATTERS

"The stripped back "if all she has is you" is one of the many highlights, a Human League Mk 1 -meets- Enya style cover of John McGlynn's achingly beautiful lament." - PANSENTIENT.COM 

29.10.15: GIG IN NORWAY

The first of many gigs to prepare for the release of the new album. This event is courtesy of my friend Egil S. Ødegård and is a very intimate affair in No9 kaffe & platebar. I'll post more details later. I honestly cant wait!


Wow it's been over two years since my last gig in the National Concert Hall. So much has happened good and not so good. My friend Lisa Lambe sang with me then [pic below]  and I have the great privilege and pleasure to be supporting her on March 2nd at the Druid Theatre in Galway.
It may only be a few songs but they will all be new. So I'm hoping that this will be the beginning of many gigs to promote the new album, which I will be telling you more about in the next few weeks.


Time to break out the champagne! Seagull guitars have gracefully offered me a new S6 to record the new album on. This one has electrics which means that I can plug it in. The guitar arrived at the beginning of February and has the most incredible tone. I still play the old one though even though it's an advertisment for Evo-stik at this stage. So a great start to 2015.


I'm performing at The Gathering again this year there's a blog here with a video and details of my last visit. You can get information about the event here. I'll be performing two songs. One is naturally a Nick Drake song and the other will be one from the new album. Can't wait!


I'm going to be headed over to Paris at the end of the month to do a 2hr interview. No confirmed details as yet but the show will feature recordings and interviews of my work, some of my favourite music and some live playing.
There are also some selected promo events scheduled but not yet confirmed over the next few months which I will be adding to here, so keep checking in.

08.03.14: THE NEW ALBUM

So far I've had a great start to 2014. Not only has the new album started to take shape, but we received an injection of over €10,000 in January towards it's production. While I am not a huge advocate of crowdfunding I really do appreciate the gesture of faith in me and my music from friends and fans thoughout the years. The money helps but the support helps even more.

This year the plan is to concentrate on the album. It's an incredibly intense piece of work. At the moment I'm collaborating with some friends on various aspects of it but we are attemting to stick as closely to the original "single piece of music" format. Declaring this as a guitarist when most of the songs are on different keys and different tunings was ambitious from the start.

07.03.14: THE METALS

Apart from work with Anúna [including a mini-tour of the Canary Islands this month], I have a new project which we will be launching at the end of April/early May called The Metals - after the area around Dúnlaoghaire and Dalkey where I spent much of my childhood. I'll be posting more information on this and any other excitements here and on Facebook.